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What to Expect for your Drywall Repair Service

Unsure of what to expect when a professional comes in to repair your walls? The following provides steps we take at Patch Pros Drywall Repair and Painting to ensure you get top notch service and the best bang for your buck! 1. Your Free Estimate

During the estimate we first address your main concerns. Most of the time, these concerns are either peeling tape, water damage, holes in walls, or stress cracks. There are many things to consider for these types of repairs -- What caused the issues in the first place? Is the water damage coming from the roof? Plumbing leak? We've even seen it all and can help you pinpoint your main concern before hiring us. We never want to perform the repair unless the main issue is addressed first. If you have a leak that continues to come back, it would be pointless to hire a drywall expert only to have the same issue in the future. We strive to give you a peace of mind so you don't have to think about or worry about it again. Plus, as a benefit to you -- we are able to tackle minor plumbing, roof, and electrical repairs.

When it comes to drywall repair, there can be much idle time for the process. This is due to the fact that joint compound takes 24 hours to dry. Other than the main concerns, do you have any smaller concerns that you've noticed? Do you want us to paint to match the existing color? If you hire the Patch Pros, we want to take care of all of your wall issues no matter how big or small. Your cost estimate will be provided within 24 hours from our first meet.

2. Scheduling Your Service

We keep scheduling flexible and easy. We at Patch Pros want to work around your schedule and lifestyle. If you have a preference on which days of the week for your service, we're able to schedule any day of the week, including weekends. 3. During Your Service

Once we arrive to your home for your service, we take all precautionary steps to keep your home protected from any dust or debris. This includes setting up floor protection, creating a dust barrier if needed, and covering any household items. Once this step is complete, we begin the drywall repairs.

To begin a drywall patch, we first cut back the area to studs and square it off. This will make the fresh drywall easier to cut and place into the area. Next, we secure it with drywall screws, ensuring that if we gently apply pressure to the area, there is no movement. We will follow up with pre-filling the area with a setting compound, then applying joint tape to the seams. We will then follow up with any other small patches around the house while the compound sets. This is when your smaller concerns around the home will be taken care of before we use a finishing compound to float out the patched area so it's visibly similar to the wall or ceiling. Once this is complete, we do a thorough cleanup of the areas and wait overnight for the joint compound to dry. The following day we will inspect that the joint compound has fully dried before sanding. Sanding is always a big concern for homeowners (including myself) because of the possibility of getting sand in the air and on items in the home. Patch Pros has invested in the right tools and equipment to prevent this from occurring. We're currently using a dustless drywall sander which attaches directly into a shopvac so it's able to suck the dust from the head as it sands! On top of that, I put multiple filter attachments on and in the vacuum to ensure it's truly dustless - so nothing will blow out of the exhaust as well. At this point of the project we either prime, paint to match, or leave it to the homeowner depending on what we've been hired for.

We offer very flexible options to homeowners and strive to maintain our 5 star rating. If you're interested in hiring Patch Pros for your Drywall Repair project please give us a call at 518-288-5698 or email me directly at

You can also utilize our online form here.

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